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Hygropin Relative Humidity Meter - Concrete Moisture Testing

Hygropin, Measuring Sleeve, Concrete Relative HumidityHygropin comes with a small, fast sensor making it the perfect solution to identify and monitor concrete moisture levels more quickly and easily than ever before. The Hygropin provides the smallest available sensor on the market, minimising damage to the surface and reducing the installation efforts immensely. Due to the small air volume of the test sleeve, the humidity equilibrium process is extremely fast. High moisture content is one of the main sources of floor coating failures, paint blistering and other coating damage.


Measuing Sleeve, Installation, Concrete Moisture

The relative humidity test outlined by ASTM F2170 requires placing a measuring sleeve at a specific, well defined depth in the concrete. This can be done either by drilling a hole or pre-installing cast holes in fresh concrete. Proceq offer the best solution for both procedures.

Surface based testing methods only measure up to 20mm at best and don’t essentially reflect reality. Hygropin uses the insitu technology which identifies the actual moisture content inside the concrete based upon the humidity of the internal environment.


Comfortable: Two independent sensor channels can measure ambient and concrete characteristics simultaneously.

Wide Measuring Range: Measures relative humidity, temperature, dew/frost point, etc.

0…100 % RH / -40…+85 °C

Accuracy: The Hygropin combines the highest measurement accuracy with a fast response time.

Minimally Invasive: Highly integrated sensor with only 5 mm diameter for minimal efforts on site.

Durability: Stainless steel housing of the sensor for long lasting performance in rough environments.

Data Logging / Storage: The Hygropin can record data over a period of time for traceable information.

Hygropin, User Interface, Measurments


Depending on the settings and accessories selected the Hygropin is able to display:

  • Relative humidity and temperature measured by two probes.
  • Calculate parameters like dew/frost point etc. for both probes.
  • Difference between the values measured by the ambient and insitu probes.
  • Trend indicators for each parameter.

Insitu and Ambient Probe

Insitue Probe, Humidity Probe, Stainless SteelInsitu Probe

Highly integrated temperature and humidity probe which combines accuracy, wide measuring range and long term stability. The stainless steel housing fits perfectly to the rough environment on the construction site. Probe and instrument are connected with a 2m cable.


Ambient Probe (Optional)

Ambient Probe, Humidity Probe

Directly connected to the instrument, the ambient probe simplifies capturing the environmental parameters. Both temperature and relative humidity are measured as precisely as with the insitu probe.


Display Unit

Power Supply



9 V alkaline (standard)

Ni-MH 8.4 V, 170…250 mAh (rechargeable via USB)


Via USB charger


Probe input

Two separate digital probe inputs

Real time Clock


Psychrometric Calculations


Start-up time


Data refresh rate


Interface type


Data Logging / Data Capture


Max. 10’000 readings


5s to 1 h




Pixel graphic LCD


Display modes


% RH and temperature, date and time

% RH, temperature and calculated parameter



 270 x 70 x 30 mm


 Ca. 198 g

IP classification

 IP 40

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature

-10 °C to 60 °C


0 to 100% RH, no condensing


In-situ Probe 

Measuring range


 0 to 100% RH

 - 40 °C to 85 °C


 ± 1.5 % RH / ± 0.3 °C

 Response time

 < 15 s


 Ø 5 mm

 Cable length

 200 cm

Maximum air velocity

20 m/s

Humidity Standard, Test Tube

Humidity Standard and Test Tube (Optional)

The humidity standard tube allows a fast and easy on-site functional and calibration check of the instrument and the insitu probe as recommend by ASTM. Based on a saturated salt solution the micro climate inside the test tube is stable at 75% RH.

Service and Warranty Information

The standard warranty covers the electronic portion of the instrument for 24 month and the mechanical portion of the instrument for 6 month. An extended warranty for one, two or three years for the electronic portion of the instrument may be purchased up to 90 days of purchase.



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