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Profometer Cover Meter

PCTE ProfometerThe new Profometer uses the latest technology available to accurately locate steel reinforcing in concrete and measure cover (i.e. the depth of the bar). It also has the ability to the estimate the bar diameter of rebar in existing structures.

As direct successors of the Profometer 5+ S and Scanlog models the Profometer PM-600, PM-630 and PM-650 continue the successful tradition that began 40 years ago. They are the sixth generation of the Profometer cover meter with all new technology.

The Profometer PM600 range is directly compatible with the Profometer Corrosion Half Cell Potential mapping system, as an upgrade or combined system purchase. 

The Profometer PM-600/630/650 uses a new generation design protected Profometer Touchscreen Unit. Both instruments offer unique on-site measuring and analysis functions, and real time control over the measurement procedure.


The Profometer PM-600/630/650 is the perfect on-site solution where the location, depth and size of rebar needs to be known. This may include

  • Corrosion investigation
  • Quality Control and Assurance of new concrete structures.
  • Location of rebar for penetrations or coring

Measurement Principle

The Profometer PM-600/630/650 uses electromagnetic pulse induction technology to detect rebar. Multiple coil arrangements in the probe are periodically charged by current pulses and thus generate a magnetic field. On the surface of any electrically conductive material which is in the magnetic field eddy currents are produced. They induce a magnetic field in the opposite direction. The resulting change in voltage can be utilized for the measurement.

Advanced signal processing allows localization of a rebar, determination of the cover and estimation of the rebar diameter. This method is unaffected by all nonconductive materials such as concrete, wood, plastics, bricks etc.

However any kind of conductive materials within the magnetic field will have an influence on the the quality and the strength of the material.


  • The housing is specially designed to be used onsite in harsh environments, including carrying strap, integrated stand and sunshield cover.
  • High resolution colour touchscreen allowing best possible measuring and analysis of the data for an entire working day (Battery lifetime >8h)
  • Future proof investment through direct upgrade possibilities to upcoming Profometer products
  • Digital probe interface for interference free communication with Profometer Touchscreen
  • Improved resolution for better close reinforcing detection.
  • All instruments conform to the following standards and norms: BS 1881 Part 204, DIN 1045 (Germany) and SN 505 262 (Switzerland).


  • Best rebar detection and data presentation in field environment
  • Long working hours and access to real time data with preliminary processing
  • Designed with modular concept means it is Compatible with upcoming Profometer products which makes the system expandable
  • Strong in data quality as the signal output is digital
  • Best resolution among counterparts in market
  • Conform to most of the well-known international standards

Profometer Comparison and Training Video


Measurement Modes PM-600/630/650

PM600-locate-modeLocate Mode 

With the Locate Mode you can precisely detect the rebar location and direction as well as measure the cover and the rebar diameter.



PM-600-statistics-viewStatistics View

The statistics and the following snapshot views allow comprehensive review of the measured data directly on the screen. The statistics view presents a graphical overview of the distribution of cover measurements.


PM 600 snapshot viewSnapshot view

The snapshot view shows cover for each rebar with the diameter displayed as a number.



Measurement Modes PM-630 Only

PM 630 line scanSingle-Line Scan

Linear scan of the cover across the first layer of rebar with diameter measurement. Colour classification of cover and rebar diameter.



PM 630 multi line scanMulti-Line Scan

Multiple linear scans across the first layer of rebar over a rectangular area. Cover and diameter are shown in one view. Can review in Single-Line view.



PM 630 area scanArea Scan

The grid display of the Area Scan Mode allows a simplified view of the measured cover data. It is best suited for a Canin+ half-cell potential measurements for corrosion analysis.

Measurement Modes PM-650 Only

PM-650-cross-line-viewCross-Line Scan

The cross-Line scan combines scans in the X and Y directions allowing for review of first and second reinforcing layers. Signal strength, cover and diameter visualization modes are supported.



Profometer Corrosion


The Profometer PM-600-630-650 readout is fully compatible with the Profometer Corrosion add on, this creates a fully capable Half-Cell potential meter with mapping and in system data interpretation.

Visit the Profometer Corrosion Webpage for full details...


Measuring Range & Resolution

PM 600 measuring rangeThe Profometer- PM-600-630-650 has three measuring range from 10mm to 185mm and the measuring accuracy subjects to the specific measurement range working on.




PM 600 resolution
Resolution is the ability to resolve closely spaced bars for accurate location. Resolution is controlled by both the depth and spacing of the reinforcing. The graph above indicates.

PM-Link Software

Manually recording the measurements of a test series is a time consuming business that can be an unnecessary source of errors. The recently launched PM-Link software makes note taking obsolete.
Data exchange can be done easily by connecting the Profometer touchscreen unit directly to the USB-port of the PC. The included Windows based software PM-Link allows the user to download, edit and present the data measured by the Profometer PM-600/630. The most common units and rebar dimensions are supported. All data can be exported either in graphical format or as a CSV file to third party programs.

ProfoMeter Probe

  • Profometer PM probeDetachable probe cart for smooth measuring with on-board wireless path measurement.
  • Control buttons directly on the probe
  • Integrated Spot Probe for measurements in corners and where space is limited
  • LED indicates proximity and location of rebar
  • Positioning sensor records orientation of probe
  • Sealed probe with waterproof connections
  • Extension handle option

Form Supplied

Profometer Touchscreen, universal probe with probe cart, probe cable 1.5 meter (5 ft), battery charger, USB cable, chalk, DVD with software, documentation, carrying strap and carrying case

Optional Accessories

  • Telescopic extension rod with probe cable 3m
  • Probe cable 3m
  • Probe cable 10m
  • Profometer test block
  • Quick charger (external)
  • Battery complete
  • Self-adhesive protective film for probe (set of 3)
  • Chalk (set of 10)

Technical Specification

Cover Measuring Range

Up to 185 mm

Cover Accuracy

± 1 mm to ± 4 mm

Measuring Resolution

Diameter/ cover controlled

Path measure accuracy

± 3 mm + 0.5% to 1.0% of measured length


170 mm colour display

800 x 480 pixels

Diameter measurement range

Up to 63 mm

Diameter Measurement Accuracy

± 1 bar size


Internal 8 GB flash

Regional settings

Metric and imperial units

Multiple language


Lithium Polymer

3.6V, 14 Ah

Battery Life

>8h (standard operation)


 9V - 15V / 2.0A


Aprox. 1525 g w. Battery

Operating Temperature*

0o > 30o (Charging, On)*

 0o > 40o (Charging, Off)

-10o > 40o (Not Charging)


<95% RH, noncondensing

IP Clasification



CE certification

 *charging equipment is for indoor use only (no IP classification)

Cover Meter Range Overview


Profometer, Covermeter, Cover Meter, Steel Reinforcement, Rebar Size

[Previous Model] Profometer 5+ S & 5+ Scanlog

The Profometer 5+ is the previous model of ProfoMeter.

We are still able to service the Profometer 5+ and can support earlier models as the local service centre for Proceq in Australia. 


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