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Geologger G8 Data Logger

G8 GeologgerThe Geosense GeoLogger G8 is a versatile low power multi-channel data logger module which is capable of being used with a wide range of sensors outputs which include VW, V, mV/V, 4-20mA, Pt100, NTC.
It can manage multiple sensors through the use of multiplexers which provide the electric signal of the sensors to the management module. Each system manages from 1 to 510 multiplexers for a maximum total of 16320 channels.

A graphical interface, compatible with all browsers (Windows, Linux and Mac) plus ‘tablet’, ‘smart phones’ or ‘smart TV’, allows configuration and reading of data from the module in an easy and intuitive way.
All configurations can be implemented either locally or remotely through the integrated display and 12 buttons keypad or via the web server. All the configuration and working parameters are saved on the SD card.

It can be powered by either mains or battery and the ‘Smart’ power management contained within the GeoLogger G8 module allows it to be used with a battery to give an average life of at least one year in the basic configuration.

The GeoLogger G8 also visualises an internal FTP server, so it becomes also possible to download data over a local network or remotely via Internet. It can be also configured as an FTP client to download automatically data to an FTP server.

GeoLogger G8-Plus

G8-PlusThe Geosense® Geologger G8-Plus is built around the easy-to-use G8 control module which has been purpose-designed for geotechnical applications. It offers reliable remote monitoring under demanding geotechnical conditions.

The power management system features different power modes, including ultra-low power which enables it to be powered by battery for periods in excess of 12 months.

Functions include sensor measurement, time-keeping, data storage, control and alarm notification.

The G8-Plus series of data loggers are capable of monitoring all types of sensors including vibrating wire, strain gauge, MEMS (analogue & digital), thermistor, linear potentiometer

As monitoring requirements vary widely, final configuration of the datalogger system will depend on the type, number and sampling interval of measurements required. Each Geosense G8-Plus is pre-assembled, pre-tested and the logger module pre-configured prior to delivery.

The factory-set configuration can be easily changed on site by using the keypad to select from a series of menu commands, without the need for any complex programming.

Designed to be mounted in the field, the G8-Plus is housed in a robust water-resistant IP66 enclosure to provide maximum protection under the harshest environments.


Remote automatic monitoring and alarm notification using a wide range of sensors typically used in:

  • Dam monitoring
  • Tunnelling
  • Deep excavations
  • Slope stability
  • Structural monitoring
  • Pile testing
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Groundwater level monitoring

SmartMux Array connected to G8-PlusFeatures

  • No software programming 
  • VW inputs
  • Digital inputs
  • Analog inputs
  • Voltage outputs
  • Graphic display and 12 button
  • keypad
  • Alarms
  • Radio interface
  • Ethernet port
  • SD card
  • USB interface


SmartMuxThe Geosense SmartMux is a modular multiplexer that allows the management of multiple sensors as part of a remote or automatic data acquisition system. It is also an easy-to-use digital alternative to the traditional vibrating wire rotary switch terminal box.

Sensor connection is simple thanks to plug-in connectors. Sensor channels can be easily viewed and selected via the SmartMux Interface which replaces time-consuming rotary switches and readout.

Available either as an analogue or digital version it is capable of being used with a wide range of sensor outputs including VW, V, mV/V, 4-20mA, Pt100, NTC and RS485.

Models are available as 4, 8, 12, and 16 channel and can be configured either as 2 pole (2 wires) or 4 pole (4/3 wires) or any combination of each. Example: 16 channel can have 32 x VW or 16 x VW + Temp or any combination.

Remote SmartMuxRemote SmartMux

Comprises of a SmartMux housed in a waterproof cabinet which can placed in any position on site and have multiple sensors attached.

They can be linked together by a single 4 core cable which can then be connected to a central GeoLogger G8-Plus. Cable lengths up to 1000 metres can be realised even for 4-20mA signals.

Remote SmartMux-Plus

Remote-SmartMux-PlusBy connecting a Smart Mux Interface (SMI) local manual data acquisition can be obtained and stored onto the interface module.


  • Manual readings available
  • Can be integrated into automatic systems
  • Intelligent on-board A2D processing
  • Vibrating wire inputs
  • Analogue inputs
  • Digital inputs & outputs
  • Can be connected together



Additional Information

G8 Data Logger Brochure



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