Corrosion Testing

Concrete Reinforcing Corrosion Testing Products

Using this equipment a good understanding of the extent and rate of corrosion of reinforcement in concrete (commonly known as concrete cancer) can be obtained. This is essential in any condition assessment, repair investigation or routine inspection. Using these methods low cost corrosion prevention methods can be put in place to prevent very costly repairs becoming necessary. In today's environment maintenance managers not employing these methods take a high risk.

Monitoring An Existing Structure

Asset owners with aging infrastructure are driven to gauge the remaining life of their structures.  Corrosion monitoring is one way which gives the owner information about possible active corrosion and estimates of corrosion rate. There is a range of corrosion monitoring solutions for existing structures.  The choice of corrosion monitoring system is dependent on the access and requirement of the asset owner.  We have several options for existing structures, including: the CANIN+, CorroMap and Galvapulse for surface measurement of corrosion half potential and corrosion rate, as well as the CorroRisk and BGB Retro-fit probes which can be installed for corrosion rate monitoring.

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Monitoring A New Structure

corrozoaWaiting for visible signs of distress to appear on concrete structures is a very expensive method of maintaining a structure. By installing Corrosion Monitoring probes during construction the “health” of your structure can be monitored. These embeddable Corrosion Monitoring probes are installed during construction. They use Linear Polarisation to return a micron/year of corrosion rate. The Activation Front “ladder” probe provides the only tool for the on-going assessment of assumptions used in design and proide an early warning of corrosion. Systems can be monitored remotely whilst handheld control systems can also collect dara from installed and surface probes.

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Monitoring Systems

Asset owners who have invested in corrosion monioring equipment must either insitute periodic manual data collection or invest in an automated monitoring system. Conventional datalogger systems are limited in the range of probes they can interface and data they can collect without significant modification. Our range of monitoring systems are designed specifcally to interface with our range of probes and electrodes and are designed to avoid standard pitfalls through featuers such as galvanic isolation and wireless link.

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