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IntelliRock Wireless and IntelliRock LIVE

IntelliRock WirelessIntelliRock Temperature and Maturity Loggers can measure and document the temperature profiles and using the maturity method calculate the strength of concrete during curing. The measurements are important for quality construction and also for getting insitu strength readings for the concrete. The system makes use of discrete loggers which act as a sensor and data-logger whilst being protected in the concrete. The system is rugged and easy to use

IntelliRock Wireless is a recent development from Engius which allows for remote monitoring of IntelliRock Loggers. This allows for Wireless Concrete Maturity and Wireless Concrete Temperature monitoring. Working inside familiar software users can start loggers, monitor maturity and temperature on a job site and with IntelliRock LIVE this data can even be accessed from any computer and many smartphones.


An IntelliRock Wireless system is made up of four main components in addition to the temperature or maturity loggers:

Radio Box

The IntelliRock Wireless Remote Radio Box comes in two configuration 2 and 8 channels. They can connect to up to 1-8 intelliRock II Logger of any configuration at one time (dependant on the number of channels) and allows for wireless starting of the connected loggers and automated collection of data from each using a standard PC and the intelliRock Wireless Base Station. Each box also acts as a radio repeater so with careful placement data collection at large worksites is made simple. The Reader is no longer required as loggers can be started, stopped and downloaded remotely.

Schematic, IntelliRock Wireless, Radio Box, Base StationWireless Base Station

The Wireless Base Station connects via USB and can connect to any number of Remote Radio Boxes. This means an entire work site can be monitored from a single PC.

The range of this unit can be extended using an external power supply, or where necessary an enhanced directional antenna can communicate with Wireless Remote Radio Boxes up to 20 miles away within direct line of site.


IntelliRock Wireless equipment uses the same software as is used to download information from the IntelliRock handheld reader providing a familiar operation environment and a consistent data format.

The latest versions of the software have new features added to support IntelliRock Wireless, including the ability to perform periodic automated downloads from loggers, to prepare email reports when strength is sufficient to continue construction or to provide high or low temperature warnings.

Data from your Radio boxes on the network can be downloaded manually or automatically once per hour.

IntelliRock Wireless Repeaters

Using Wireless Repeaters distant Radio Boxes can be networked with each other and data collected from within range of any box or repeater.

IntelliRock LIVE

Never be left without up to date information from an IntelliRock Wireless monitored worksite, IntelliRock LIVE is a web portal that will synchronise with an IntelliRock Wireless enabled PC and allow remote access to a full record of temperature and maturity for each logger from any internet connected PC.

Synchronisation is a snap with dedicated software sending information to the server periodically or when any change is detected.

Access to the LIVE website is free.

Starter Kits

We have two configurations for starter kits available. They contain:

Temperature Time Graph, IntelliRock Live


  • 8 x Loggers (Standard Mat or Temp config)
  • IRWI-R2-500mW (500mW Remote Unit – 2 Channels)
  • IRWI-B (Wireless Base Station)
  • IRWI-Charger


  • 16 x Loggers (Standard Mat or Temp config)
  • IRWI-R8-500mW (500mW Remote Unit – 8 Channels)
  • IRWI-B (Wireless Base Station)
  • IRWI-Charger

Optional Extras are available at a discounted rate with the two starter kits these include a 50 Pack of Loggers, or a standard IntelliRock Reader


For further background on the need for temperature logging or the maturity method for insitu strength, please see the Intelli-Rock Temperature or Maturity page. These are available for temperature here and maturity here.



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