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Pundit Live Array Pro

Pundit-Live-ArrayPundit Live Array Pro – the first pulse echo array system incorporating artificial intelligence.  

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo testing is ideal for thickness measurements of concrete elements, the localization of defects and for detection of objects in conventional or steel fibre reinforced concrete.

The Live Array Pro improves upon existing instruments by offering an expandable array with unique AI features, market leading ease of use and imaging all right in the Pundit Live iOS app. With the Live Array Pro the user has access to real time tomographic imaging, the fastest data collection of any array, with smart AI functions to recognise and assist user interpretation. 


Pundit-Live-iPadThe Pundit Live Array Pro is the most advanced ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE) tomographic array available. Sonic tests are most sensitive to air and voiding within concrete and array type sensors are able to provide an accurate representation of the internal structure of the concrete. 

UPE Tomography is the ideal test for applications where the user is looking to determine an unknown measurement of the structure such as slab depth, the distance from the surface to a void former or other internal feature. Penetration when using the expanded 16 channel double array can reach as much as 1 m depth. 

Due to sonic testing's sensitivity to air it also suitable for location of defects such as delaminations within a concrete structure, poor consolidation and honey combing. 

Unique Features

Accurate stitching thanks to latest A.I. supported pattern recognition technologies

Laser-positioningFix the Proceq Live tape measure to the object you need to inspect. Scan wherever you want along the tape and get a perfectly stitched scan! Even if you realize you didn’t scan a spot, (shown as blank in the stitched scan) just go back and scan at that location and it will be placed correctly into the stitched scan.

The Proceq smart positioning system uses a sensitive, fast CMOS imaging sensor and pattern recognition technologies to detect the position in real-time.

Unmatched connectivity

Digital reporting, data sharing and back-up are possible directly from the Pundit Live app on iOS. The unique Logbook feature records the key parameters associated with each and every test including settings, time stamps, photos, site notes and geolocation. Reports can be sent directly from the iPad on-site or from the office and all measurements are accessible through Proceq's web platform all over the world. 

Intelligent back wall detection and smart tagging

Pundit Live Array Pro can automatically detect the back wall using smart imaging algorithms, facilitating the interpretation of scans. In addition, the user can place object tags for defects and rebars to facilitate the communication of scan results.

High-resolution multichannel pulse echo technology

Array-SAFTWith the 8 channel Pundit Live Array Pro measurement head, one channel transmits the ultrasonic signal and the echoes are received by the other seven channels. Each channel transmits in turn. A complete measurement consists of 28 A-scans. 

These are used to compute and display a B-scan in real-time using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT). Coupling two transducers results in a 16 channel aperture processing a total of 240 A-scans per measurement cycle.

Scan Modes

The Pundit Live Array's iOS App allows immediate imaging of UPE data. This image can be shown in a conventional B Scan or C Scan format, or processed into a full 3D isosurface representation onsite. Using Proceq Live's 

  • Area scan (on-site 3D and grid)
  • Line scan

Review modes

  • Line scan
  • Time-slice view
  • Elevation map

Reporting software


Specification  Value 
 Mesuring Range   >1 m depending on concrete quality 
 Bandwidth   15 to 100 kHz
 Technology   Phased array ultrasonic pulse echo 
 Measuring Resolution   1 μs 
 Pulse Voltage UPE  ±150 V 
 Receiver Gain   1 to 10’000x (0 to 80 dB) 
 Nominal Transducer Frequency   50 kHz shear wave 
 Pulse Shape   Square wave 
 Pulse Delay   8 ms – 200 ms 
 Number of Channels    8 (with upgrade option to 16) 
 Transducer Weight   ~ 3kg 
 Dimensions   240 x 273 x 153 mm
 Display   Any iPad 
 Humidity   <95% RH, non-condensing
 IP Clasificiation   IP54 
 Regional Settings   Metric and imperial units and multilanguag 
 Guidelines    ACI 228.2R-13, RI-ZFP-TU 
 Operating Temperature    -10 to 50 °C





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