Concrete Thickness Gauge (CTG)

Concrete Thickness Gauge, concrete slab, thickness meter, measure thickness, thickness testerYou can now verify the thickness of concrete slab in one easy step. You no longer need to drill, core, or excavate to determine concrete slab thickness. Simply use the gauge instead. The Concrete Thickness Gauge is a non-destructive, battery-powered handheld system for measuring the flaws and thickness of concrete slabs, pavements, walls and other plate-like structures from one side. It's available in 3 variants Standard (80mm to 1.8m range), Super Thin (38mm to 1.8m range), and Surface Wave. The CTG thickness tester can be expected to give accuracy of around 3% where properly calibrated to the concrete in question.


This system features a handheld gauge that records thickness information, a handheld test head for generating and receiving sound waves and a telescoping pole for use on flatwork or overhead.

The Concrete Thickness Gauge requires no special knowledge or training. It reliably measures the thickness of any type of concrete using the Impact Echo principle. Use it right out of the case with built-in default concrete parameters, or for greater accuracy simply calibrate the CTG instrument by testing at a point of known concrete thickness as a calibration reference for the speed of sound in concrete and start testing.

The CTG is also a fully function Impact Echo kit. It combines the portability of the CTG with the diagnostic power of Impact Echo. The time based data can be downloaded to specialized software to be examined in the frequency domain. Defects such as honeycombing, delamination and cracking can be diagnosed.

Data Transfer

The CTG has the ability to record 300 readings in the field before the memory is full.  The thickness meter comes with transfer software, which enables you results to be output in any spreadsheet.  Using an RS232 interface port all of the results are summarized into one table with an extremely easy to follow download procedure. The information can be easily used to create concrete slab profiles.

Diagnose defects in your concrete

Impact Echo, test set up, CTG, Concrete Thickness gaugeAs well as being extremely useful for determining the thickness of concrete the CTG can also be used to locate defects in concrete.  The same waves that bounce of the back side of the concrete will also bounce off any air interface inside the concrete. 

By using the CTG and the supplied WinTFS software the entire frequency spectra for each individual reading is readily downloaded to PC for analysis using full Impact Echo. 

Defects such as delaminations, cracks, honeycombing and voids inside the concrete are located by taking reading in a grid over the concrete.  Below is an image demonstrating a rudimentary explanation of defect location using Impact Echo.  Please see our IE webpage and brochure for more detail.

Variant Models

Concrete Thickness gauge, CTG, Super Thin, Surface Wave, Telescopic handle


Super Thin (ST)

The CTG also comes in the Super Thin model.  This makes use of a striker beneath the solenoid impactor allows higher frequencies to be attained and thinner elements to be measured.  With the Super Thin model the range of concrete thicknesses measureable is extended to 38mm-1.8m.  The unit can still operate as the CTG base model by retracting the additional striker.

Surface Wave Velocity (SW)

In some circumstances an estimate of the p-wave velocity may not be possible because no concrete is available for a calibration.  A surface wave velocity can be measured using two transducers a known distance apart.  The CTG SW thickness meter comes with a second transducer attachment for these calibrations.

Combined Super Thin and Surface Wave

A model combining both of these features is also available. The CTG SW ST will operate in super thin mode and also measure surface wave velocity for accurate thickness measurements in most circumstances.

Video Tutorial





  • Thickness Range of 80mm to 600mm in thin mode, and up to 1.8m in thick mode
  • Accuracy typically + 2% at high resolution when calibrated on known concrete thickness
  • Power Facilities

- Internal rechargeable NiMH battery pack (over 16 hrs. of operation per charge)
- External Battery Charger
- AC power unit, overnight charging
- Can use AA size alkaline batteries or run on AC power unit

  • Learning Curve is as little as 10 minutes
  • Datalog up to 300 individual tests
  • Lightweight at only 2.0kg including test head & handheld unit with batteries
  • 1 year limited warranty



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