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Flexural Testing Frames

U Type Flexural Testing MachineUtest’s flexural testing frames are designed with stiff construction to limit deformation under load. Each frame is compatible with a full range of testing accessories for conventional two or single point loadings and specialized tests for tiles, kerbs and other elements.

The load frame is made from welded steel and carries the ram fitted to the upper crosshead. All frames are complete with a single acting down stroking ram with over-travel switch protection to shut the machine down when maximum ram travel is reached.

The ram is returned with the use of dead weight or springs to receive maximum accuracy on the load measurement. A load cell is used for load measurements on all frames. All frames can be used with any UTEST power pack as an independent flexural machine or can be connected to a compression machine as a second frame.

U Type Frame

UTC-5600 is a U type frame of 200kN capacity. It will support the full range of Flexural testing accessories.C Type Flexural Frame

C Type Frame

UTC-5700 is a 300kN C type open structure designed to allow easy and practical front loading of specimens.
The C type design is ideal either for a conventional flexural test or for more sophisticated tests such as deformability and ductility index, as it has a very rigid structure.

Four Column Frame

Four Column Flexural FrameUTEST’s 600kN capacity flexural frame is manufactured for minimum deflection at maximum load, resulting in extremely high accuracy.

The load frame is a four column design carrying the ram fitted to the upper crosshead. UTC-5800 is compatible with all accessories required for flexural, transverse or compression tests. This test frame also supports concrete railway sleeper testing accessories. 


Testing Frame Specifications

  UTC-5600  UTC-5700  UTC-5800 
Capacity (kN)  200  300  600 
Ram Travel (mm)  100  120  350 

Max. Vertical Test

Space (mm)

Without Accessories 







Max. Horizontal Test

Space (mm) 








Dimensions (mm) 

1120 x 1050 x 1000  100 x 900 x 1160  900 x 750 x 2600 
Weight (kg) 


575  200 


Auxiliary Testing FrameAuxiliary Testing Frame

The Auxiliary testing frame is used for the measurement of deflection during the flexure test on 100x100x400/500 mm or 150x150x500/600 mm beams.

The auxiliary testing frames can be used on all UTEST flexural testing frames.


Concrete Beam Flexural Testing AssemblyFlexural Testing Assembly for Concrete Beams

The test assembly is used for center or two-point loading flexural tests on 100 mm or 150 mm concrete beams.



Tile Flexural Testing AssemblyFlexural Test Assemblies for Concrete Tiles

Two lower rollers and one upper roller of 38 mm dia. and 610 mm length.

Suitable for flexural testing of concrete pavers and terrazzo tiles, natural stone kerbs and slabs.


Concrete Kerb Flexural Testing AssemblyFlexural Test Assembly for Concrete Kerbs

The set includes two lower rollers 38 mm dia. x 610 mm long and 40 mm dia and an upper loading piston with ball seating assembly.



Energy Absorption of Sprayed Concrete Test AssemblyFrame for Energy Absorption of Sprayed Concrete Specimens

With two 50mm high accurate displacement transducer. Outer dimensions 700x700 mm and 100x100 mm square section loading punch.



Compression Test PlatensCompression Test Platens

UTC-4511 comprises an upper platen with ball seating assembly included and a lower platen both of 165 mm diameter.

Distance pieces need to be added to an order to allow proper spacing.


Flexural Test Devices

Flexural-Test-DeviceFlexural test device for center-point or two-point (third-point ASTM) loading flexural tests on concrete beams of 100 x 100 x 400-500 mm or 150 x 150 x 600 - 750 mm.

Consisting of two upper rollers and two lower rollers of 38 mm dia. and 160 mm length. Double upper bearer for four point test. Total height is 330 mm when adjusted for 150 mm beams and 290 mm for 100 mm beams.

Additional Information

Flexural Testing Frames Brochure



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