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Laboratory OvensUTD-1315

UTEST Laboratory Ovens have been designed for the drying asphalt, soil, rock, concrete, aggregate or similar materials. Various litre capacity models are available. The ovens have a temperature range of ambient to 250°C. The interior of the ovens is manufactured from stainless steel and the exterior has been created from sheet steel and finished in powder coated paint. 

All models are fan circulated (forced convection), fitted with a direct reading digital control unit and equipped with an analogue over-temperature protection thermostat. All ovens are supplied with 2, 3, 4 or 5 shelves, according to the capacity.

Technical Specifications



 Internal Dimension 

 External Dimension 

 Weight (approx.) 


50 Litre

410x350x360 mm

580x600x570 mm

20 kg


120 Litre

610x500x400 mm

770x750x650 mm

56 kg


250 Litre

800x600x570 mm

970x840x790 mm

85 kg


500 Litre

1100x790x580 mm

1401x920x770 mm

130 kg


700 Litre

1400x890x570 mm

1600x1130x770 mm

170 kg


Muffle FurnacesUTD-1462

The UTD Series Muffle Furnaces are used for determining various properties of construction materials. The various furnaces cover a temperature range of 1100°C to 1600°C. They are all front loading for easy operation and have been designed with a double skin to provide a cool outer case.

The furnaces include a PID digital control system which allows for temperature control. The vertical counter balanced door opens in an upward movement and has been designed that way to avoid the hot insulation reaching the operator. When the door is opened, the power is isolated by the safety switch.

Technical Specifications







Temperature Controller







PC 442/2




1000 OC

1100 OC

1200 OC

1200 OC

1600 OC

Max. Continuous Temperature

950 OC

1050 OC

1150 OC

1150 OC

1550 OC

Temperature Deviation at Set Point

± 2°C

± 2°C

± 2°C

± 2°C

± 2°C

Heat Up Time to Max. Temperature

50 min

65 min.

50 min.

50 min.

75 min.

Internal Volume

2.7 L

6.3 L

5 L

5 L

5 L







Internal Dimensions

100x135x200 mm

150x210x200 mm

140x180x200 mm

140x180x200 mm

140x150x240 mm

External Dimensions

425x320x360 mm

650x550x580 mm

650x550x580 mm

650x550x580 mm

650x550x580 mm

Weight (approx.) 20 kg 56 kg 56 kg 56 kg 65 kg
Power 2000 W 1500 W 2000 W 2000 W 4900 W


Freezing and Thawing ChamberUTD-1430 Climatic Chamber 250 lt k


The Freezing and Thawing Chamber is used to measure the resistance to freezing and thawing.

A sensor is placed either in the sample, in the water which the sample is placed into or, in the salty water solution placed on the sample before starting the test. The temperature of the chamber is then controlled by the sensor. The calibration of the sensor can be carried out using the user friendly menu.

An integral fan is used to distribute the temperature within the cabinet.

The chamber is equipped with a user defined program including 10 steps. Time can be adjusted to 999 minutes for each step of the program. The temperate in the cabinet can range from -30°C to +30°C.


Data can be monitored during tests, and data transfer to a computer is achievable through software supplied with the cabinet. The data can be converted to an excel report or to a graph.

The condenser of the cabinet is fitted with an air cooled hermetic cooler. The gas used for the cooler does not include CFC’s.

The control unit is electronic and equipped with digital display with 0.1°C temperature resolution. The temperature distribution accuracy in the cabinet is not higher than 2°C.

The user can preset the time of each ramp and the number of each set by using the control unit.

Technical Specifications

Internal Dimensions

500x500x900 mm

External Dimensions

680x650x1980 mm

Weight (approx.)

140 kg


1800 W

Additional Information

Ovens Brochure



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