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SliceView-LinesGPR Software

Software packages used with GPR systems are intended to both re-create the radar scans taken in the field and to allow advanced processing. The software can be used to to clarify features or map radar information to drawings or reports. 

EKKO_Project 5

EKKO_Project software offers intuitive tools to organize, edit, process and plot your GPR data. Powerful visualization, analysis and integration tools allow you to quickly and easily produce impressive reports.

The software is supplied as Basic EKKO_Project with limited features, and can be upgraded with a range of Modules suited to a specific users requirements. 

GPR Point CloudNew features in version 5:

  • Point Cloud Export 
    • Survey large areas using a LMX or Noggin GPR integrated with GPS and then seamlessly process and export a 3D Point Cloud file.
  • SliceView Lines
    • Grids are no longer necessary to generate depth slices from GPR data. With accurate positioning from GPS or simmilar tools, collect overlapping data in a pseudo-grid manner and use the SliceView-Lines routine to generate depth slices.
  • Add a background image for reporting
    • Import any image to appear in the background behind your GPR survey in MapView. Background images provide context to your survey, enhance your reports and provide better communication to your clients.
  • 3D preview mode
    • One of the most powerful ways of displaying GPR grid data for accurate interpretations is the 3D Preview mode that juxtaposes GPR lines and depth slices. Previously only available to Conquest customers, it is now available for any grid collected with LMX200, Noggin and pulseEKKO systems.

Basic EKKO_Project Features

The Base package provides file organisation, overview and display:

  • GPR lines can be grouped into linesets or grids
  • Legacy .dt1 and .hd files are easily imported into EKKO_Project
  • All file attributes are immediately visible
  • Ancillary data can be attached to individual GPR data files, linesets or grids
  • MapView window displays grid lines and GPS paths
  • Attachments
    • GPS, topography, photos, videos, voice recordings, field notes, sketch maps, etc.
  • Layer view
    • Select layers to display in MapView and Line Preview

GPR-BackgroundMapView displays

  • Grid lines
  • GPS paths
  • Flags added in the field
  • Field and Point interpretations
  • Depth slices generated by data acquisition hardware or processed with SliceView
  • Slice through all grids simultaneously, regardless of orientation


  • GPR Lines and Grids appear in correct location and orientation
  • Define Project to Global coordinates
  • Correct GPS for offsets from the GPR sensor 

Available Modules

LineView Module

LineView opens GPR files for cross-section viewing. Parameters such as gain, color palettes and axes can be changed. Images can be exported in a number of graphic formats. Plot GPR lines and adjust view settings.


  • Review single or groups of GPR line scan data
  • Determine depths of embedments
  • Review individual line scans from a grid scan data collection 


  • Multiple Colour Palettes
  • Hyperbola Velocity Calibration
  • Colour or Wiggle Trace plots
  • Legend with data display details
  • Quick launch Google Earth to pinpoint location of a GPR target
  • Plot GPR lines with 
    • Gain, Background Subtraction filter, Axes, Distance Units, Fonts
  • Image Options
    • Zoom & Pan, Display multiple lines at once, Link parallel GPR lines to scroll and zoom together, Add an Interpretation to multiple GPR lines at the same time (requires Interpretation module), Use the mouse cursor to see the Latitude- Longitude of any point on the GPR line


Interpretation Module

Interp-ExportThe optional Interpretation Module works within LineView. Editing tools allow all interpretations to be inserted, deleted or moved. Each interpretation has automatic or user-defined properties like color, style, markers and marker size which make it easy to distinguish between them. Interpretations are stored in an integrated database. 

Export Options 

  • CSV files with position relative to GPR line, GPS position, depth, time and signal strength. 
  • KMZ file to plot in Google Earth
  • DXF AutoCAD file
  • MapView display, showing position within EkkoView, can be exported to images or reports.
  • Image Files - JPG, BMP, TIF, etc. with or without the gpr line scan image


  • Users can interactively add localized targets, layers, labels and identifiers on the GPR linese
  • Point interpretations appear in the MapView window
  • All spatial information is integrated with records stored within the database
  • Interpretation types
    • Points – Defines hyperbolas and point targets
    • Polylines – Defines continuous or discontinuous boundaries
    • Boxes – Defines a rectangular box around an area of interest
    • Annotations – Text pointing to a specific location in the data image


Processing Module

The processing module allows the user to filter, migrate and edit GPR Lines to emphasize targets, it offers a range of common GPR signal processing and analysis tools.

  • Migration, time and spatial filtering and attribute creation
  • Frequently-used processing recipes can be built, stored and re-used
  • Processing can be applied to a single GPR line, a selected group or all GPR lines with ease


Pavement Structure Report - Module Upgrade 

The Pavement Structure Report module outputs in a report format the pavement thickness charts of all the layers added to the GPR Lines. While the EKKO_Project Pavement Structure Report is designed for typical road survey analysis, the "pavement structure" can take many forms. This analysis and reporting tool can also be applied to any layered structures such as rail beds, runways, water depth and bathymetry, snow and ice thickness, and layered geology.


  • Pavement Structure charts for each GPR line
    • Charts that display the thicknesses of the asphalt and granular layers. These charts are interactive. Place the mouse cursor anywhere on the chart to display the position along the line and depth of each layer at that position.
  • Statistics
    • Including minimum, maximum and average layer thickness for all GPR lines included in the report 


Drainage-TilesSliceView Module

Depth slice to visualize underground objects.


  • Define the depth and lateral extend of services
  • View complex subsurface patterns as from earth disturbances
  • Image rebar or post tension layouts clearly for client review


  • Display multiple cross-sections and depth slices
  • Hyperbola-fitting tool for velocity estimates
  • On-screen tape measure
  • User-defined depth slice thickness
  • Automatic grid creation
  • Incorporate GPS coordinates on depth slice outputs
  • Legends for depth slice and cross-section information
  • Display multiple grids simultaneously
  • Merging of bi-directional and dual polarization data
  • Superimpose depth slices over Google Earth ground images


3D Visualisation - Module Upgrade

3D-VoxlerSliceView supports 3D volume data in HDF and CSV file formats for easy use in third-party 3D visualization programs such as Voxler. This allows for fully 3D modeled representations of the data processed in SliceView.

Voxler provides many display options including volumes, variable-opacity views, isosurfaces and orthogonal or oblique slices, rotation and different colourmaps.

Images are saved as graphic image files (BMP, JPG).

Bridge Deck Condition Report - Module Upgrade

The Bridge Deck Condition Report outputs, in a report format, a GPR Response Amplitude map image and the statistical summary of all the picked rebar in a reinforced concrete structure. The report includes several fields for the GPR operator to fill in including the survey location, number of lanes and the GPR system used.




Report Module

Reporting functions output data files in a spreadsheet (.csv) format, Google Earth (.kmz) and AutoCAD (.dxf) listing fiducials and interpretations that are easily imported by GIS, CAD and other software

EKKO_Project From Field to Finish report Easily create GPR Summary Reports. Document the information for your client.




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