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Automatic Compression Test Machines

Automatic-Compression-MachinesAutomatic Compression Machines are used to determine compression, split and flexural strengths, usually applied to materials of high compression but low tensile strength, in which the specimen is subjected to increasing compressive forces until failure occurs.
The UTEST Automatic range of 2000 kN and 3000 kN capacity compression testing machines has been designed for reliable and consistent unconfined testing of concrete samples. UTC 4231 (4331) meets the requirements of CE norms for safety and health of operator and the standards EN 12390-4 in terms of its technical properties.



  • Early age unconfined compression strength test
  • Unconfined flexural and splitting tests by using proper accessories
  • Mortar (Cement) compression tests by using proper accessories
  • Unconfined core testing


  • Setting test parameters, including pace rate
  • Pressing the START button on the control unit
  • The machine automatically starts the rapid approach; switches the test speed after 1% of the load capacity of the machine, and stops once the specimen fails
  • Automatically saves the test parameters and results


A complete compression test machine encompasses the following components:

  • Compression Frame- These are a heavy duty welded frame. Platens and distance pieces are also included in the frame, to adjust the system for different sample sizes.
  • Control System- The control system is fully automated. This means that a macro is created containing the require loading rate, sample size etc. Once started the test is automatic. The data from the test is also logged in the control system.
  • Power pack- this is a hydraulic two stage system with one motor to adjust the platens for rapid approach and another for the application of force during the test.

Four Column Automatic Compression Testing Machine Four Column Compression Testing Machines

We also have an automatic machine with a 4 column testing frame available, used for high capacity testing where the stiffness of the testing frame is crucial. The compression machines consist of a heavy duty four column frame, automatic hydraulic power pack with data acquisition and control system BC 100.

Safety Features

  • Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading
  • Piston travel limit switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • Frontal and rear transparent durable Plexiglas guards
  • Software controlled maximum load value

Technical Specifications

Models  UTC 4031  UTC 4131   UTC 4231  UTC 4331
Capacity  600 kN  1500 kN  2000 kN  3000 kN 
Dimensions(WxLxH)  650mmx500mmx900mm 740mmx500mmx930mm 800mmx500mmx964mm 845mmx540mmx1048mm 

Platen dimensions (DxH)




Roughness value for texture of machine and auxiliary platens  3.2 µm   3.2 µm   3.2 µm    3.2 µm  
Vertical Clearance  340 mm  370 mm  340 mm  340 mm
Piston Diameter  150mm  230mm   250mm   300 mm 
Maximum piston movement  50 mm   50 mm   50 mm  50 mm
Power consumption  750 watt   750 watt   1350 watt  1350 watt
Voltage  220-240V,50-60 Hz,1ph  220-240V,50-60 Hz,1ph  220-240V,50-60 Hz,1ph           220-240V,50-60Hz,1ph
Oil capacity  20 litre  20 litre   20 litre   20 litre 
Maximum working pressure  34 Mpa  36.2 Mpa  41 Mpa  42.5 Mpa
Weight  415 kg   620 kg   800 kg  1000 kg

Four Column Machines


 UTC-5231  UTC-5331  UTC-5431  UTC-5531


 2000 kN  3000 kN  4000 kN  5000 kN
 Roughness of Platens ≤ 3.2μm
 Platen Diameter  300 mm
 Vertical Clearence  340 mm 520 mm
 Piston Diameter   300 mm  350 mm  400 mm  420 mm
 Maximum Piston Movement  50 mm  100 mm  120 mm
 Horizontal Clearance   385 mm  445 mm  495 mm  515 mm
 Power  750 W
 Oil Capacity  20 L
 Maximum Working Pressure    28 Mpa  31 Mpa  31.5 Mpa  35 Mpa
 Frame  UTC-5720  UTC-5730  UTC-5740  UTC-5750
 Power Pack   UTC-4830  UTC-4830  UTC-4840  UTC-4840
 Frame Dimensions (mm)  660x660x1090  735x670x1140  805x710x1370  865x640x1155 
 Power Pack Dimensions   370x400x920  370x400x920  605x455x1015  605x455x1015
 Frame Weight   1030 kg  1800 kg  2350 kg  3150 kg
 Power Pack Weight   85 kg  85 kg  150 kg  150 kg

Applicable Standards

  • EN 12390-3/12390-4
  • BS 1881
  • ASTM C39 


  • An additional flexural frame can be connected to the hydraulic control system. Load rating are 100 kN, 200 kN and 300 kN. Switching between frames is simple, as it only requires switching a valve, and selecting the flexural option using the control system.
  • Additional software includes predefined settings that allow the user to control multiple testing frames to match the relevant standard. It also allows for the output of data in custom format to the users data management system of choice used to control the machine from computer and store data.
  • Optional part list for special tests and specimens; Block test platens, splitting tensile and distance pieces 

Other Available Systems

Manual, Semi-Automatic hydraulic power packs are also available. UTEST also produce a range of advanced servo controlled Automatic Power Pack with proportional valve. 

Additional Information

2MN and 3MN Auto-Compression Machine Brochure





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