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Static Testing Machine


UTSP-0100 Concrete Railway Sleepers and Bearers Static Testing Machine, has been designed basically to perform static tests according to EN 13230-2, EN 13230-3 and EN 13230-4 (Prestressed monoblock and twin-block reinforced sleepers and bearers tests) and also Low vibrating track system (LVT-System) tests.   The machine is mainly consist of testing frame with accessories and Advanced servo controlled hydraulic power pack, control electronics and data acquisition system is also build in power pack unit. Main differences between static and dynamic test systems are loading actuator and power pack.

The capacity of the frame is 1000 kN. Load cell is used for load measurements to have better accuracy. The frames is supplied complete with test sample carrying and holding apparatus for easy test setup, upper and lower Articulated supports for static  tests. Moreover this system may perform three and four point flexure test on concrete beams.

UTC-4850UTC 4850 and UTC 4860 Automatic Power Packs with Proportional Valve, are advanced power packs with P.I.D. closed loop control. They can perform tests under load and displacement controls. The frequency of the P.I.D controller and data acquisition is 1000 Hz. Power pack is designed to supply the required oil to the load frame for loading and unloading. All the operations of Data Acquisition and Controls System can be controlled from the touch screen front panel of a 240x320 LCD display or computer. There are total 4 analogue input channels. One is used for load cell and remaining three analogue channels can be used for other sensors such as LVDT’s, strain gauges, built in the system. (For more detail please check UTC 4850 and UTC 4860 in catalog)

The maximum oil flow is 2 liters per minute, at 300 bar pressure. Accuracy of the system is 0.1 kN and minimum controllable load is around 10kN. Control unit can be connected to the computer through Ethernet for advanced test cycles, data acquisition and reporting. All the calibration values of the transducers and also all the test parameters for the last test is automatically stored on the control unit. Power pack incorporates a pressure safety valve and a cooling unit.


  • 4 analogue channels for load cell, LVDT’s, strain gauges, built in the system.
  • Instrumentation amplifiers for sensor excitation and amplification
  • 1/65.000 resolution and 1.000 Hz control for each channel
  • Ethernet port for connecting to computer
  • 240x320 pixel LCD display
  • Touchscreen operator panel
  • Can control 2 frames (UTC-4850) or 4 frames (UTC-4860)
  • Can execute load or displacement control tests
  • Free of charge PC software for test control and advanced report printout
  • Pace rate control from 0.01 kN/s to 100 kN/s (depend on the specimen stiffness)
  • Factory install English and Turkish languages
  • Real time clock/date



1000 kN static (UTSP-0100)

Load Measurement Accuracy

+/- 1 % from 1 % of the full capacity.

Piston Stroke

400 mm


2500 kg (approx.)

Weight (approx.)

990x7690x2550 mm (Installed)


Dynamic Testing Machine


UTSP-0102 Concrete Railway Sleepers and Bearers Dynamic Testing Machine, has been designed basically to perform dynamic and fatigue tests of railway applications according to EN 13230-2, EN 13230-3 and EN 13230-4 (Prestressed monoblock and twinblock reinforced sleepers and bearers tests ) and Low vibrating track system (LVT-System) tests. The test system is also able to perform static and quasi-static loading of test samples in technically specified range.

The test system consists of digital control system, software, high force capacity floor-standing frame, servo-hydraulic actuator and hydraulic power pack. The system can be supplied with just standard fatigue and dynamic testing capability, also can be modified with appropriate sized servo valve, manifold and hydraulic power unit to suit the particular application.

Floor model standard frames are robust, heavy duty frames with the axial static capacity of 600kN and dynamic capacity of 450kN (@280bar system pressure). Frames are also available in varying load capacities and also in different variations to meet the requirements for both extra wide test space and extended travel. The load frames are rigid 4 column units for superior axial and lateral stiffness, precision aligned. Columns are chrome plated and hardened for easy cleaning and longer life.

The frames are supplied complete with test sample carrying and holding apparatus for easy test setup, upper and lower articulated supports for dynamic tests. Moreover this testing system may perform three and four point flexure test on concrete beams.

UTSP-0102-02The machine is equipped with doubled ended, equal area linear actuators to generate equal force in both tension and compression. Actuator is mounted on upper crosshead with 300 mm usable stroke length and mounted with manifold attached on it. Servo-valve and accumulators are close coupled in order to improve performance with highest possible response and minimum pressure losses where most accurate test control is achieved. Maximum allowable piston speed is 40 mm/sec. SSI type displacement sensor with 5 μm resolution is integrated in the actuators. All dynamic testing systems are equipped with precision fatigue rated load cells where they are mounted on piston's rod end for accurate force measurement and control.

UTEST uses fully digital servo-hydraulic motion controller for displacement and/or force closed loop control of static and dynamic tests. Control loop time is 1 kHz as standard, but can be adjusted to 4 kHz according to application. Data acquisition rate of the controller is standard 100Hz but can be adjusted to 4 kHz if the application's control algorithm can run in this loop time. Effective resolution of analogue channels 19 bit over full ±10 V range (18 bit for 0- 10V and ±5V, 17 bit for 0-5 V, 16 bit for 4-20 mA ).

The hydraulic power units are specially designed for dynamic performance of concrete sleepers and bearers for railway, which are governed by oil flow and pressure. The series have standard 450kN dynamic force capability at 280 bar (3000 psi on servovalve) system pressure with standard ratings up to 100 l/min oil flow. For larger oil flows, the unit can be modified to suit customers' requirements. Electrical parts as indicators, system management buttons and controller is involved in the power pack. Bladder type accumulators are supplied with the pack in order to compensate pressure drops while actuator is operating and any pressure losses between the HPU and test station, in order to smooth pump ripples. Oil level, oil temperature, filter's condition and motor temperature are continuously checked by controller and system has necessary interlocks for fault conditions. Factory –set pressure relief valve prevents excessive increases in pressure. Variable-capacity pump ensure maximum electrical efficiency, consuming only sufficient electrical power to maintain the required flow, even during times of reduced flow demand. Compact designed hydraulic power units allow systems configured to control up four systems independently, this means saving valuable floor space in your lab. Installed isolation manifold lets hydraulic power system running multiple test stations, preventing over pressurization, discharging system pressure separately and power isolation of the stations. According to the environment where system is going to be built, air/oil cooler and water/oil cooler is supplied as standard. However alternative closed loop cooler systems can be adapted to unit if customer requests.



Standard: Force and displacement closed loop controlled

Option: Analogue (strain, stress) channel closed loop controlled


Standard: 0.01 to 10 Hz. Frequency 600 kN static 450 kN dynamic force capacity, 300 mm stroke (±150mm)

Option: Different frequencies, force capacities, shorter or longer stroke 0.01 to 10 Hz. Frequency ,


Power Pack

Standard: Free standing with air cooling unit, one output channel

Option: water/oil cooler, four test station cap



400 V/AC/50 Hz/ 3 Ph + N + E

65 kVA current ratings


Data Acquisition and PC Software

The Concrete Railway Sleepers & Bearers Testing Machines can be controlled by a computer with the software (given free of charge by UTEST). The advanced functions for data base management provide an easy navigation of all saved data. The test results certificate includes all descriptive information. Therefore, test parameters can be set and details about the test carried out such as client details, test type, specimen type, user info and other information required can be entered and printed out as well as test report and graph.

The software is developed for making test respect to EN 13230 standard. On the software there are submodules for making test on LVT samples, positive negative bending tests on sleepers. Loading rates, dwell times, delays and unloading are performed as in standard.

The software also includes an easy calibration check facility. The machine gives some constant load values and waits there for easy check mechanism. As standard requires the pace rate of 2kN/sec is suggested, but user can modify the test rate. For each type of different tests an easy report generation is available.



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