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Concrete Thickness Gauge 2 (CTG2)

CTG2 Impact Echo Testing SystemIt is now easier than ever to verify the thickness and integrity of concrete flatwork. Drilling, coring and excavations are now obsolete. Save buckets of time, effort and money by simply using the CTG-2 instead.

No specialized knowledge or training is required. The CTG-2 comes ready to use straight out of the case, with inbuilt default parameters. Great accuracy is achieved through calibrating against your specific concrete type.

Use your own Windows 7, 8  or 10 Laptop/Tablet* and simply connect the CTG-2 to directly view live measurement recordings, via the WinCTG-2 Software. Thickness and flaw information can also easily be transferred to spreadsheets or to your reports.

*Please note Tablet is not included


Impact Echo testing can be used for:

  • Depth, lateral location and extent of internal flaws
  • Verification of Concrete Slab Thickness
  • Usable on non-concrete materials depending on the material’s internal structure
  • Quality Assurance checks
  • Can be used to predict early age strength


  • Non-destructive and non-invasive
  • Designed for Site, Rugged and Lightweight
  • No coupling agents required
  • Intuitive tablet interface for settings/results
  • Calibration takes seconds for high accuracy
  • View live Thickness Data and Sound Waveforms
  • Customize your Grid Test Area
  • WinCTG-2 software conversion to spreadsheet
  • Frequency Spectra reveals presence of flaws with depth and lateral location.
  • Penetrates cured paint and bonded tile

Impact Echo Principal

The CTG-2 works on the basis of the Impact Echo principal. A mechanical tap from the solenoid impactor onto the concrete releases low frequency p-waves which propagate into the structure and are reflected by external surfaces and flaws.

These waves are received by a transducer located adjacent to the impactor. The time traces are recorded and converted to frequency via Fast Fourier Transform with respect to frequency amplitude. With the highest frequency peak, and the measured compressional wave velocity through concrete, depth can be identified.

CTG2 Impact Echo Testing Principle

Diagnose Defects in your Concrete (CTG-2)

The CTG is capable of defect location within concrete. Low frequency stress waves are emitted into the structure reflecting off slab boundaries and air pockets.

Waveform in WinCTG-2 Software indicating defectsDepth and extent of partial cracks, voids and flaws are recorded as a waveform. Experienced users can determine various flaws hidden within the concrete formed due to poor concrete placement or weathering. The Time Domain Signal identifies where poor quality data was obtained during the field testing process.

Nearby Peaks may Indicate Internal Cracking/Defects


Concrete Thickness
Impact Echo relies on an estimation of p-wave velocity through concrete to determine thickness. Thickness measurements are obtained when the test head is applied to the concrete surface and triggered.

Calibration Process
Default settings are customized to standard concrete and generally produce results within ±10% accuracy. Accuracy of ±2% is achieved when the p-wave velocity is calibrated on-site against a slab with known thickness.

Data Transfer
WinCTG-2 software works alongside Windows 7 or 8, converting frequency and thickness data into most spreadsheet formats for further analysis and reporting.

WinCTG-2 Analysis Software
The Windows based WinCTG-2 allows data and measurement setting review. Customized test grids can be set up using X and Y coordinates from your point of reference. Live field data can be viewed while testing. 


Equipment Supplied

The combined weight of the case and components is 2.27kg making the system more portable than ever.

CTG-2 comes standard with:

  • CTG-2 IE Test Head
  • 4 x CR123A Batteries
  • Cables (Phone-Phone)
  • Protective Case
  • Microphone Adaptor
  • WinCTG-2 USB Drive
  • USB-MicroUSB Adaptor


 Thickness Range

 81 - 508 mm 

 Optional thick test mode to 1.8m


 ±2% when calibrated to a known


 Software Features

 WinCTG2 Software for data collection

 and analysis


 Uses 4 non rechargeable CR123A 3V

 long life batteries

 Data Collection  Works with most widows 7, 8 and 10  devices
 Frequency Resolution  10 Hz
 Samples per Test  4,545 Sample
 Sampling Rate  45,454 Samples / Second
 Max Nyquist Sampling  Frequency  22,700 Hz


 2.27 kg excluding tablet
 Test Head Cable Length  91 cm
 Learning Curve  Taught in 10 Minutes
 Warranty  1 Year Limited Warranty





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