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Concrete Sample Curing Tanks

UTC-950Standard Curing Tanks

In order for sample cylinders to undergo compression testing (and some other lab tests) they must be cured. Curing involves immersing the samples in a water bath at least 8 hours after placing them into the sample moulds. The primary purpose of curing is to ensure that all samples are similar with regards to quality and strength.

PCTE can also supply Match Temperature curing tanks, intended to maintain their internal temperature the same as a probe embedded within a structure for accurate early age strength cylinders. For more details please follow the link to intelliCure Match Temperature Curing Tanks.

Australian Standards

The Australian Standard 1012 states:

Standard moist-curing conditions ensure that the concrete specimens made in the laboratory or in the field are kept wet and at a temperature of—

(a) 23 ±2°C, for the Standard Temperate Zone; or
(b) 27 ±2°C, for the Standard Tropical Zone.

Standard moist-curing conditions shall be provided by storing the specimen in lime-saturated water or in a fog room. Temperatures shall be recorded continuously, or the limits of temperature shall be recorded by a maximum/minimum thermometer.

The conditions shall be maintained at all times so that the specimens are kept within the appropriate temperature range specified in this Clause and so that the surfaces of the specimens are kept wet.
Care shall be taken to ensure that specimens are not exposed to streams of running water.

UTC-970Curing Tank Range

PCTE and Utest offer an array of curing tank options:

  • The metal tanks (UTC-0950 large, UTC-965 small) are made from zinc coated sheet steel and supplied complete with base rack.
  • The plastic (UTC-0960 large, UTC-0970 small) tanks are Polyurethane and have a bearer metal carcass and base rack.

Upon request, suitable upper racks to hold concrete cubes are available (max. 8 pieces). The tank is also supplied with a submersible circulator pump to ensure good temperature consistency.
The temperature is adjustable and can be kept constant by an electric resistance incorporating a digital thermo regulator which maintains the set temperature between ambient to 40 ºC with ± 2 ºC accuracy.

PumpRackAll Curing Tanks are supplied complete with:

  • Base Metal Rack
  • Heater
  • Submersible Circulation Pump


HeaterThe thermostat fitted to this curing tank is designed to work with a band of 2°C. The heat input of 1000 watts is sufficient to maintain the temperature at 20°C under normal laboratory conditions approximating to 20°C and 50 % relative humidity. If the room temperature exceeds 20°C, use a portable cooler unit or cold water in order to set the curing at 20°C. Alternatively, if the room temperature is lower than 15°C, insulation of the tank is recommended in order to maintain the required temperature.

Tank Specifications

Steel Tanks

   UTC-0965  UTC-0950
 Internal Dimensions  710 x 710 x 610 mm  860 x 1560 x 615 mm 
 External Dimensions  650 x 650 x 550mm  800 x 1500 x 550 mm
 Weight  55kg   92kg
 Capacity (100mm dia samples)  36 (single layer)   120 (single layer)


Plastic Tanks

   UTC-0970  UTC-0960
 Internal Dimensions  915 x 1250 x 660 mm  800 x 1800 x 1100 mm
 External Dimensions  800 x 1100 x 550 mm  700 x 1700 x 1000 mm
 Weight  60kg  88kg
 Capacity (100mm dia samples)  88 single layer  119 single layer


Accelerated Curing Tank


The Accelerated Curing Tank is constructed to perform hot water curing of concrete sample to speed up curing, and therefore strength development. The unit has a capacity of 350L and the tank is made from stainless steel.  The tank is then insulated with a double wall construction.

The temperature control is achieved with a PID controlled thermoregulator which has a ±3 o C accuracy. The system also has a timer. 

 Internal Dimensions  600 x 900 x 640 mm
 Approx Weight  70kg
 Power   4500W


Curing Cabinet  


The UTCM-0100 Curing Cabinet is used for curing of cement, concrete cubes or other mortar specimens. It can be used for curing cement specimens within the mould, or after removing from the mould. The curing cabinet provides 20 ± 1°C temp. and over 95% RH humidity for cement specimens. Internal chamber and racks are made of stainless steel. The temperature is maintained at 20 ± 1°C by a immersion heater and refrigerator unit which are supplied complete with cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with a digital control unit which controls and monitors the temperature. 

The humidity is maintained from 95% to saturation by water nebulizers and is also monitored on the digital control unit.

Internal Dimension

900x700x1350 mm

External Dimension

1100x1000x2200 mm

Weight (approx.)

150 kg


1200 W



Additional Information

Curing Tanks Brochure



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