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Concrete Cylinder Grinder

UTC-1040Automatic Grinding Machine


Plane and parallel surfaces can be easily achieved due to the fast grinding of specimen ends that the Automatic Grinding Machine provides. Cylinder specimens from Ø38mm to Ø150mm can be ground with the suitable adaptors. Grinding Method can be used for all strength grades for reliable strength results.


  • Concrete strength grade of 80MPa or less, single end grinding achieves constant results.
  • Concrete cylinders with double end grinding method gives constant compressive strength values for all strength grades.
  • Grinds planeness and parallelism of test cylinder ends in accordance with ASTM standards C31, C39,C-192,and , EN 12390-3,12390-1, 12504-1.
  • Ready to use for 150 mm x 300 mm test cylinders and for 100 mm x 200 mm test cylinders (includes adaptor).
  • Automatic bi-directional radial displacement of the table.

Automatic Operation

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) manages the machine and all its automatic controls. The PLC is essentially the grinding machine's brain, as it controls all its functions.
The PLC has input/output connectors for all the sensors, electromagnetic valves and other controls to be plugged into. Logical operations are executed by a program in the machine's internal memory. The program can be easily modified by a programmer if necessary.


  • Adaptor for 100 mm test cylinders
  • Adaptor for 150 mm test cylinders
  • Adaptor for 150mm test cube
  • Diamond-grinding wheel included
  • User Guide


• Control Box: Programmable Logic Controller
• Variable Speed Drive: The machine is equipped with three (3) variable speed drives which control the grinding machine's parameters, such as the grinding wheel oscillation speed and the table forward speed.
• Timer: The duration of the full cycle is controlled by the timer. The material hardness and cylinder diameter both determine how long the grinding time for each sample will be. The timer is set in seconds only.
• Emergency Button: When this emergency button is activated, all controls are inhibited and the machine cannot be restarted until the button is released.

Positioning of Cylinders

Acceptable-and-unacceptableThere are parameters that need to be taken into consideration before you set any cylinder into a compression test. Time and resources can be wasted when using a non-acceptable cylinder as this will give you a non-accurate test result. A cylinder grinder can easily fix this kind of setback.




Sample-adaptorThe sample adaptor (included) is placed on top of the displacement table.


It is important that the adaptor is positioned evenly with the main table not overhanging. Position up to three test cylinders (100 mm x 200 mm) on the adaptor, placing the samples so that the surface to be polished comes in contact with the grinding wheel. The vice must be tight before starting the machine.  Cylinders-in-grinderIf only one test cylinder needs to be polished, it should be positioned in the center of the adaptor. If just two test cylinders need to be polished, they should be positioned at each end of the adaptor.


Auto-Grinder-ControlPower Button: Activate the parameters
Speed selection: Select the table advancement speed for 100mm or 150mm cylinders
Timer: Set the cycle duration in seconds. We suggest 90 to 120 seconds per cycle, depending on hardness and diameter


  • The table moves backward to its original position
  • The grinding wheel motor starts.
  • The grinding wheel oscillation movement begins.
  • The water inlet valve opens.
  • The table moves forward during the whole set period
  • The green indicator light turns on.

End of Cycles:

  • The timer has completed its cycle.
  • The table is stationary.
  • The grinding wheel continues to oscillate for 10-12 seconds
  • The table moves backward to its original position
  • During this backward movement, the water spray continues to clean the grinding wheel and the gutter.
  • The oscillation movement stops, positioning the grinding wheel in the middle.
  • Complete stop of the machine, the motors and the water inlet.
  • Turn the test cylinders over and repeat the cycle.

Technical Specifications

 Dimensions L x W x H (mm)  1065 x 670 x 1550
 Weight (kg)  250
 Grinding Time per end  90 to 120 sec
 Power (W)   1850
 Power supply  220V/10A/50Hz
 PS Fuse OUT  3AG (Glass fuse)
 L1 Fuse  20A class C
 Diamond-grinding wheel life  5000 Samples
 Warranty  1 year parts and labour

Other Systems Available

  • UTC-1035 Semi-Automatic Grinding MachineUTC-1010-1012

Concrete Sample Cutting Machine


The UTC-1010,1020,1030 series of cutting machines has been specifically designed for the cutting of concrete, rock and natural stone cores and cylinders. Specimens are held in place by the block clamp. The system comes complete with 100mm dia V-clamp and water circulation pump. Blades are sold separately.

Technical Specifications

 Type   UTC-1010 (Small)  UTC-1020 (Junior)  UTC-1030 (Major) 
 Length   1100mm  1100mm  1300mm
 Width   600mm   600mm  700mm
 Height   750mm   750mm   950mm 
 Blade Dia.   350mm   450mm  600mm
 Max Cutting Dia.   110mm   175mm  250mm
 Cutting Length   700mm   600mm  650mm
 Engine Power   3hp/220V   5.5hp/220V  5.5hp/220V
 Weight   75kg   80kg  90kg
 Engine for cutting with  water   0.5hp/200V   0.5hp/200V  0.5hp/200V


Melting Pot

UTC-1050 1UTC-1050 

The melting pot is used for the preparation of capping compound.  This is generally a Sulfur compound which is used to produce squared-off ends. The pot has a capacity of 3L and an Aluminium container in a well-lagged steel jacket. The pot is also supplied complete with a cover and a thermostatic ally controlled heating system. The heating system is capable of keeping a constant temperature of 200 deg C.

Technical Specifications

 Dimensions  350 x 320 x 290mm 
 Capacity  3L 
 Power Consumption   600W 
 Weight  9kg 


Capping FrameUTC-1054


The Cylinder Capping Frame is used to ensure that the planned end surfaces are perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder. The frame comprises of a 75, 100, and 150mm dia base plate, making it useful for most samples including cylinders and cores.


Laboratory Core Trimmer and Cut-Off Machine


ASTM D4543UTR-0300

The UTR-0300 takes irregular pieces of rock or core, and transforms them into perfectly machined shapes (cubes, prisms, etc.).

The machine includes a vice that holds the samples in place, and a second V shaped vice is then used to cut the cores to a maximum size of 75 mm diameter and 140 mm height. The samples can be turned upside down in the vice and this will produce longer cores. The machine includes a cooling water inlet. 

UTR-0300 for 60 Hz with 220 V or 100 V can be supplied.

Technical Specifications


730x1050x590 mm

Weight (approx.)

100 kg


1100 W

Additional Information

Sample Preparation Brochure



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