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Universal Testing Machines

Servo Hydraulic universal machines, single and double test space Suitable for multiple testing applications, universal testing machines are able to perform tensile and compressive testing. Accessories support other tests such as CBR and flexural tests in selected models.

All system are automatic and supplied with suitable control systems and hydraulic or motor stages.

A system will typically include platens suitable for compressive testing of specimens appropriate to the maximum load of the machine and a set of jaws for holding tensile tests samples.

Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

Computer controlled servo hydraulic universal testing machines are suitable to test various metallic and non-metallic materials and can carry out tension, compression, flexural and bending tests.


  • Closed Loop Servo controlled power packs
  • Standard models offer dual test spaces for compression and tension testing.
  • UTEST-S Series Universal Testing Machines are high capacity systems with a single test space, the jaws may be fitted with compression platens or bending apparatus as required.
  • On all models a load cell is used for load measurement. Strain measurements are done by the electronic displacement transducers built in the machine.
  • Displacement or strain measurement can also be via an external extensometer fitted to the specimen.
  • Rigid 4 column construction
  • Supports load or displacement control

Accessories include: Multifunction Remote Control, Automatic Extensometer, Flexural Assembly, Compression Test Platens, High Temperature Cabinet


Technical Specification
 Type UTM-6060.SVD2UTM-6100.SVD2UTM-6200.SVD2
Maximum Load600kN1000kN2000kN
Load Measurement Accuracy1% from 2% of max capacity1% from 2% of max capacity1% from 2% of max capacity
Displacement Resolution0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm
Control Mode (Pace Rate Type)Displacement and Load ControlDisplacement and Load ControlDisplacement and Load Control
Tensile Space750 mm750 mm1000 mm
Compression Space620 mm620 mm850 mm
Max Horizontal Test Space480 mm570 mm840 mm
Piston Stroke250 mm250 mm250 mm
Max. Crosshead Speed200 mm/min200 mm/min280 mm/min
Flat Jaw Faces (0-15) and (15-30)(0-30 and (10-40)(10-40) and (40-70)
Round Jaw Faces(Ø8-14), (Ø13-26) and (Ø26-40)(Ø9-20), ,(Ø20-40) and (Ø40-60)(Ø16-31), (Ø31-46) and
Compression Platen Size128x30 mm diameter145x40 mm diameter200x60 mm diameter
Bending Fixtures ( * )UTC-6069UTC-6169UTC-6269
Power Supply 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph OR 220 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph (2.5 kW)380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph OR 220 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph (3.5 kW)380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph OR 220 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph (3.5 kW)
Frame Dimensions770 x 600 x 2150 mm900 x 650 x 2400 mm1300 x 900 x 3250 mm
Frame Weight2600 kg3700 kg 8800 kg
Max. Frame Height2550 mm2780 mm3500 mm
Power Pack Dimensions 570 x 800 x 1020 mm570 x 800 x 1020 mm570 x 800 x 1020 mm
Power Pack Weight 250 kg250 kg250 kg
(*) Bending fixtures whose technical specifications are given in the table below should be ordered separately.
( * * ) Round Jaw Face Set, Ø60-80mm for UTM-6200.SVD2,should be ordered separately


Technical Specifications for Bending Fixtures
Max Load600 kN1000 kN2000 kN
Bending span30-500 mm50-500 mm50-720 mm
Roller DiameterØ30 mmØ50 mmØ50 mm
Roller length120 mm160 mm160 mm
Bending Depth100 mm180 mm180 mm


Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine - UTM-4000.FPR

Hydraulic Universal Testing MachineThe Hydraulic universal test machine is intended mainly for testing ferrous samples, it will also support compression testing up to the machines maximum load rating.


  • Tensile test for samples up to 40 mm flat and 8 – 32 mm round samples
  • Load measured by load cell, strain by inbuilt displacement transducer or external extensometer
  • Dual test spaces for compression and tension testing



Technical Specification
Capacity600 kN
Test Speed2mm/min - 25mm/min
Load Measurement Accuracy± %1
Displacement Measurement Resolution0,01 mm
Columns DiameterLower70 mm
Upper70 mm
Vertical Test DistanceTensionMinimum 40 mm, Maximum 320 mm
CompressionMaximum 110 mm
Distance Between Columns450 mm
Piston Stroke150 mm
Max PressureGrips350 bar
Load200 bar
Weight1850 kg
Height2700 mm
At the maximum stroke2850 mm


Automatic Tension and Compression Machine - UTM-3000.FPR

Automatic TensionCompression machineDesigned for civil engineering labs with a focus on concrete and reinforcing steel testing, the Automatic Tension and compression machine marries UTest’s BC100 automatic control system with a versatile welded steel frame


  • Tensile test for rebar up to 22 mm, flat samples max 14 mm thick by 50 mm wide
  • Compression testing of cylinders and cubes of up to 150mm dimensions
  • Load measured by pressure transducer, strain by linear potentiometric displacement transducer
  • Double acting piston with over travel protection
  • Load rating between 1 kN/s to 20 kN/s
  • BC100 controller can control a second test frame


Technical Specification
Load capacity in tension500 kN
Load capacity in compression1000 kN
Max. vertical clearance with compression test accessory768 mm
Max. distance between grips, excluding piston travel268 mm
Distance between columns305 mm
Max. ram travel100 mm
Resolution digital display0.01 kN-mm
Load measurement Accuracy (starting from the first 10% of load range)± 1%
Strain measurement Accuracy0,01 mm
Overall dimensions approx.1660x800x500 mm
Weight approx.535 kg


Electromechanical Universal Test Machine

Electromechanical Universal Test MachineThe electromechanical universal test machine is a highly versatile test machine, intended for lower strength compression and tension test applications.

The machine is supplied complete with high precision load cell. Gripping systems, platens, extensometers and other test accessories are not included and have to be ordered separately.


  • System supports load or displacement control
  • Wide range of accessories available for concrete, soil, asphalt, cement and wood testing
  • Pressure measurement by load cell, displacement by encoder connected with motor


Max. Load100 kN300 kN
Max. Vertical Test Space (without accessories) Lower crosshead at middle stroke.650 mm850 mm
Distance Between Columns440 mm630 mm
Crosshead Travel400 mm200 mm
Test Speed Range0-100 mm/min.0-75 mm/min.
Load Rate0,001-2 kN/s (Depend on specimen stiffness)0,001-10 kN/s (Depend on specimen stiffness)
Machine ClassClass 1 starting from 1% of the capacityClass 1 starting from 1% of the capacity
Encoder Resolution0.001mm0.001mm
Encoder Accuracy0,010,01
Overall Dimensions1300x520x2300 mm1100x450x1860 mm
Weight Approx.400 kg800 kg



Electromechanical Machine Accessories

The Electromechanical Universal Test Machine supports a comprehensive array of testing accessories which support the following tests:

  • Steel – Rounds and Flats
    • Tensile tests under load or displacement control
  • Cement and Mortars
    • Compression tests under load control
    • Flexure tests under load control
    • Tensile adhesion strength (Adhesives for tiles, repair, rendering and plastering)
  • Concrete
    • Flexure tests on concrete beams under load control
    • Flexure tests on concrete kerbs under load control
    • Splitting tests on concrete cylindrical and cubes specimens, and concrete paving blocks under load control
  • Concrete, Natural Stone and Clay
    • Flexure tests on clay roofing tiles
    • Flexure tests on natural stone and kerbs
    • Flexure tests on concrete terrazzo tiles
    • Flexure tests on concrete paving flags
    • Flexure tests on slabs of natural stone for external paving
    • Flexure tests on glass fibre reinforced
  • Cement (Precast concrete products)
    • Punching tests for clay blocks
  • Soil
    • CBR under displacement control
    • Quick triaxial tests
  • Bituminous Mixtures
    • Marshal test under displacement control
    • Indirect tensile splitting tests
    • Duriez tests under displacement control
  • Insulation Materials
    • Tensile strength and tensile bond strength perpendicular to faces

Extensometer Options

ExtensometerDifferent types of extensometers with accuracy of up to ±0.1 % of the indicated value are available depending on requirements. Extensometers separate to grips or platens can directly measure deformation of specimens. 

All systems can directly interface with an external extensometer, some systems also support the use of video extensometers.


Testing SoftwareTest software provides fully customized parameter definition, test method development tools, automatic test control, data collection, results analysis, and reporting. 

Data collected may include client details, test type, specimen type and user info. The user can prepare his own report or export to Microsoft Excel. This flexible software solution supports multiple testing technologies and test types. 

Advanced templates for testing to standards for tension testing, compression testing, flexure testing, and more across a wide variety of materials and applications help ensure quick and efficient test setup and execution. Up to 500 test methods can be managed at the same time.

Software Features

  • Foreign language support and customizable user Interface
  • Capability to save 24 test results of different specimens in one test record
  • Graphical data on the screen is refreshed simultaneously during test procedure
  • Able to save frequently used text snippets in memory and recall them when necessary
  • User can access any data of previously completed tests for refresh and inclusion in new reports
  • Able to edit test parameters of the testing equipment through Software

Additional Information

Universal Testing Machines Brochure


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