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ProfoScope Cover Meter

ProfoScope, Covermeter, Cover Meter, Rebar LocatorThe ProfoScope cover meter and rebar locator is the simplest to use system in the Proceq range.  Combining the full capabilities of a conventional cover meter system in a simpler, more compact package with no loss of accuracy. The unit can be used to find the depth from the face of the concrete to the top of reinforcing steel, to locate steel within concrete and to estimate the rebar diameter. 

Centring the unit over steel reinforcement is quicker and easier with the Riflescope visual aid, cover is shown in real time and the size of the steel reinforcement is estimated with a single button press. Finally powerful setting such as neighbouring rebar correction allow it to give accurate results in situations where other covermeters would fail.

The ProfoScope is the perfect low cost option for the builder, consultant or engineer who needs a simple unit for QA and basic record keeping.


Concrete cover measurement and rebar location needs to be fast and accurate. The ProfoScope Cover Meter has a unique real-time rebar-visualisation allowing the contractor to actually “see” the location of the rebar beneath the concrete surface. This is coupled with rebar proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids. These unique features combine to make the task of locating rebars a simple and efficient process, saving time and money for contractors and providing them with the information they need to do their job fast.

Cover Measurement

The concrete cover to the closest reinforcing bar is continuously displayed on the right side of the ProfoScope's Display. When the device is directly over and aligned parallel to a reinforcing bar the system will display an accurate cover. If the reinforcing is spaced at or less 150mm a correction factor can be entered to ensure an accurate cover measurement, other system will often require a separate probe head to perform the same job.

Rebar Location

The previously mentioned riflescope visualisation makes finding the exact location of the steel reinforcement as simple as if the concrete were invisible. Other cover meters display a signal strength and the centre is located by passing over the bar where the signal is strongest than shuffling the probe backwards until the peak is relocated, the ProfoScope is slid towards a bar with its approach clearly illustrated and stopped the instant the cursors align, the unit beeps and the red LED light shines. 

Rebar Diameter Estimation

At cover depths less than 64mm the ProfoScope Cover Meter will estimate rebar size (diameters) with a single button press, this measurement assumes that there is no other steel within 150mm of the central measurement point and the bar is parallel to the ProfoScope.

Benefits include:


Cover measurement, rebar location and rebar size measurement all provided by a single, fully integrated, cordless instrument.

Simplicity of use

The intuitive user interface means no time is wasted trying to interpret signal values.

Fully-Integrated and Cordless Design

The ProfoScope Cover Meter is designed to permit single handed operation. All functions can be programmed/activated using the two function keys and the navigation. The instrument is compact, light and robust suitable for use on a construction site.

ProfoScope, Diagram, Cover Meter,

  1. Display
  2. Navigation
  3. Reset key
  4. Measurement centre
  5. LED indicator
  6. Function key
  7. On/off button
  8. Battery compartment
  9. Measurement centre


Measuring Range

ProfoScope, Measuring Range, Uncertainty This graph shows the maximum possible measuring range for the ProfoScope compliant with BS1881 part 204. Please note this is based on a single rebar with sufficient clearance to neighbouring rebars.




 Real-Time Visualisation of Rebar

ProfoScope, Reinforcing Mesh, Location

The ProfoScope makes steel reinforcement location faster and simpler than ever before.  Symbols on the screen show the location of rebars within range.

Profoscope, Rifle Scope, Rebar CoverA rifle scope shows the position of the rebar beneath the instrument in real time. This is combined with red LED lights that illuminate when the bar is directly below the ProfoScope

ProfoScope, Locating Steel ReinforcingAs the ProfoScope Cover Meter is moved towards a bar the signal arrow points up and the rifle scope moves from the direction that the bar can be found. Once the rifle scope reaches the centre line of the screen the rebar is directly below the ProfoScope's centre line. The red LED light will light up along the centre line of the ProfoScope also.

Form Supplied

ProfoScope, Accessories, Box Contents

ProfoScope including standard accessories: Packaging with integrated start-up test kit, batteries, canvas bag, carrying strap, chalk and product documentation.




Manually recording the concrete cover measurements of a test series is a time consuming business that can be an unnecessary source of errors. The various data storage modes of the Profoscope+ makes note taking obsolete.

Data exchange can be done easily by connecting the Profoscope+ directly to the USB-port of the PC or by reading out the integrated Micro SD memory card. The included Windows (2000, Vista & 7 supported) based software ProfoLink allows the user to download, edit and present the data measured by the Profoscope+. The most common units and rebar dimensions are supported, and converting the data is straightforward. All data can be exported either in graphic format or as a text file to third party applications. Total memory is 500 files with 99 measurements.

Two different modes of operation are supported: Manual data storage allows the user to save concrete cover and rebar size on individually chosen locations. Automatic data storage is especially designed for surface scans. Every time a steel reinforcement bar is detected, the cover is stored automatically.

ProfoScope, ProfoLink, Datalogging, Software


Training Video

Standard Warranty

                   • Electronic portion of the instrument: 24 months

                   • Mechanical portion of the instrument: 6 months


Measuring Range

See graph on above for maximum range relative to bar diameter.

Power Supply

Power source 2 x 1.5 V AA (LR6) batteries
Voltage range 3.6 V to 1.8 V

Power Consumption

Power on, backlight off  ~ 50 mA
Power on, backlight on  ~ 200 mA
Sleep mode  ~ 10 mA
Power off  < 1 µA

Battery Lifetime

Backlight off  > 50 h
Backlight on  > 15 h

Time Outs

Sleep mode  30 s
Auto shut down 
 120 s

Environmental Conditions

Temperature range -10º to 60º C (14º to 140º F)
Humidity range  0 to 100% rH
Protection class  IP54

Standards and Regulations Applied

 BS1881 part 204; DIN1045; SN 505 262; DGZfP B2 





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